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               Florencio - psychic painter

Florencio is a psychic painter. The deceased painters channeled through him and on one evening, he paints 12-20 paintings by various artists who come through.



Florêncio Reverendo Anton Neto was born in Salvador, in the state of Bahia in Brazil, 18 November 1973 but grew up in the town of Tobias Barreto in the state of Sergipe, where he attended a Catholic elementary school.


He graduated Educator, Regression, and has a candidat degree as a registered nurse, specializing in trauma patients. He works as an independent consultant and trainer in "Pinus Longevus" clinic paliativ treatment founded by Doctor Franklin Santana Santos..


Since early childhood Florencio separated himself from other children. His behaviour was at times aggressive, sometimes extremely obedient and sometimes very unrealistic. These are common signs of  mediumistic abilities within children.


As early as 8-year-old Florencio showed the first signs of unusual mediumship where he heard and saw spirits. When he was 11, he met an adult who could explain to him what it was he saw. This person took him under his wing and took him to a spiritualist center where he, despite his young age, were included in a study. He read the book "The Gospel According to Spiritism" Later he was taken to meetings of psychic development by "Grupo da Fraternidade Leopoldo Machado" ("Brotherhood Group Leopoldo Machado") - in Salvador. There he developed his mediumship skills in psykofoni (voice medium) and psychographics (write medium / automatic writing)..


On December 21, 1990, when he was 17 years old, his spiritual mentors asked him to concentrate for a while as part of an experiment. On this occasion the spirits painted, in total darkness, over ten images. This began a new phase in his life.


From that time forward, the souls of dead artists contact him and he is able to paint in a variety of different mediums.  The spirits let him know that the purpose of this work was to prove the immortality of the soul and provide resources for social work among the many poor in Brazil.


After several tests under the direction of engineering and spiritualist researcher Dr. Manoel Messias Canuto Oliveira, it was proved that there was no fraud. Now the work could be seen by audiences at public screenings. On these occasions, it could often be felt that the pictures had a sort of comforting effect on the attendees, as there were often faces of bystanders (deceased relatives of the attendees) in the paintings. As of 2008, Florencio has painted over 22,000 works of art by 74 different artists. In 2008, in Galten (city in Jutland, Denmark), a Danish artist painted for the first time through Florencio. It was Skagen (city) artist Carl Locher (1851-1915).


Painters such as Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Coubert, Renoir, Morisot, Monet, Manet, Tarsila, Van Gogh, Portinari and Matisse have painted through Florencio’s hands producing complete works in an average time of 5 minutes at public screenings and up to 80 minutes for more advanced works.


Florencio Anton has had the opportunity to demonstrate mediumistic painting to audiences in over 105 cities in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark. The income generated from the sale of these paintings goes directly to support charitable works through the institution, "Grupo Espírita Scheilla (the spiritualist group Scheilla), which was founded by Florencio in 1999. through this institution he provides services which includes pedagogical and psychological support to poor families and children, in addition to handing out monthly "lunch" to around 30 families in the slums of Mussurunga


It should be mentioned that Florencio support himself solely by his job as a teacher and Regression  Therapist since he, as a spiritualist, is not able to use the money generated through the sale of the paintings for his own use.





Florêncio Reverendo Anton Neto - Biography

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